Copy Kitty version 3.2 is out!

Copy Kitty version 3.2 is out! This update adds a few big features, and fixes some issues. This will probably be the last major content update.

Big changes:

  • Custom bosses in the editor! Power up any enemy type and give it up to 3 phases.
  • 3 new outfits for Boki! They're unlocked from beating certain levels/environments.
  • The level editor is available on the demo version now!
  • Plenty of new art in the gallery.
  • You can taunt/emote by pushing the Drop button at the same time as up or down.
  • New song for certain bosses in Endless Mode, by guest composer Bionic Dog.
  • New modifier: Slow-Mo, for speedrun practice. Replays play at normal speed.

Bug fixes and small changes:

  • Fixed a pretty bad Speedrun Mode glitch where the timer would reset after 2-9.
  • Fixed softlock after Yolomacho in speedrun mode.
  • Fixed some problems with the speedrun mode timer in IL's for the final boss.
  • Fixed occasional camera glitch in TNT Tunnel.
  • Fixed Thremnat shields being unable to block base Lightning fired left.
  • Removed all Hoagall RNG in story mode.
  • Added "use super shot!" prompt to Exchikkalibur if you go too long without it.
  • Fixed replays for Treacherous Maze.
  • Adjusted graphics in one of Savant's bosses to make attack tells easier to see.
  • Adjusted graphics in Exchikkalibur hard mode for the same reason.
  • Boss death hints only play after 3 deaths now, instead of 2. (Worldbuilding/joke scenes can still play after 1 or 2 deaths.)

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